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Cantera architectural use dates back to the 16th Century as a structure and accent in buildings. Cantera's beauty, color, durability, strength, and shapeable nature makes it a perfect natural architectural stone product. Its popularity grew during the 16th century. The oldest and best example is the Cathedral de Zacatecas---the soft pink cantera can be appreciated in its walls, columns, and sculptures. Many cities like Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Oaxaca and many others showcase the use of Cantera. But one of the best know cities to appreciate cantera is San Miguel de Allende where Cantera has been used in public and private buildings, and showcases the old of Cantera design.

Cantera architectural accents have passed the test of time and for centuries have become a top natural stone of choice. With our selection, factory, carvers and quality control we can make your look and style a reality. Give your building lasting beauty, style and charm! Enjoy, we do!

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