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Not all Talavera tiles are created equally! We have three distinct product lines to meet your needs of quality, pricing, and timing. It's important to consider the tile shape and size, the consistency of color and the vibrancy of the pattern drawing. Will the tile be used for architectural accents indoors or outdoors? Will it work for pools, stairs, kitchen, showers, or bathrooms?

The tile ingredients can vary from one company to another. Manufacturing details like the types of colorings used and the length and temperature of firing varies. The way colors are made and applied can either be hand-painted or mechanically applied.

We use our expertise to guide you to select the right Talavera tile for your project. Don't fall for the street lines where you won't know what materials or coloring is used, if it will hold up for usage, or if the tiles contain lead. We have a "non-lead certified" Talavera tile in a variety of styles and looks.

The beauty of Talavera tile is timeless -- make your wise tile purchase one that lasts a lifetime.
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